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The Room 17 bunch.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Term 2

Welcome back to Term 2. This week a letter came home explaining our terms whole school Inquiry Topic - Speaking of change. Each class will interview a person that has been in our area since the 1950's.If you know of someone that would be suitable to talk to please let me know.

Our Key Competency this term is Relating to Others.In your homework books is activities to work on during the term.I have posted them below.

Relating to Others” is our Key Competency for this term. We are looking at old-fashioned values and how people related differently in the past. Here are some things to try at home:
“Relating to Others” Tasks
When you get home ask your Mum or Dad how their day has been.
Set the table with placemats, serviettes, flowers and dress up for tea.
Stay at the table till all are finished eating, and then ask to be excused.
Hold the door open for an adult and let them go through first.
Say “Bless you” to a person when they sneeze.
Bake a cake or cookies and give them to a neighbour or friend.
Ask “Can I help?” when Mum or Dad are working around the house.
Read a bedtime story to someone in your family.
If you meet a new person, shake their hand and say “How do you do?”
Hold the dining chair out for your Mum when she sits down to dinner.
Give thanks for your food before eating.
Give someone a compliment (say something nice to them).
At the end of the meal thank whoever has cooked for the lovely dinner.
When you visit someone, take them something nice (fruit, baking, etc)
Choose an activity and tick the box each time you do it. When you have ticked 3 boxes
get your parent to sign the box.

Do at least three activities a week. Ten signatures gets your name in the super homework draw.

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