The Room 17 bunch.

The Room 17 bunch.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Helena's Birdfeeder

nickygray's Fotobabble

Week 8 Activities

This week we are preparing for Outdoor Education Week.
At school we are meeting our group and buddies and discussing our equipment we will need.
Monday 2.30 meet Year 3/4 students and teachers in your house
Tuesday 1.30 Bike afternoon
Wednesday meet your buddy for large group activities
Friday 9.30 Minstrel show

Homework this week is to get your gear ready for camp. Remember each day will need different things. Every day you will need a hat, sunblock, water bottle, good walking shoes and lunch/snacks.

Bring your bike and helmet on Tuesday.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 7

Week 7 Homework

Room 16 Market day Tuesday

Bring some money if you want to buy some goodies.Everything priced 50c,$1.00 or $2.00

Choose 5-10 words from your spelling list and learn them.

Make 1 or all of the following for Pet Day

Make a pet

Make an item from recycled materials

Bring a photo of your pet.

Next weeks news is to present your country information.

Don't forget your swimming things on Wednesday and Thursday.

Outdoor Education parent help notices and payment needs to be back by Friday. See the office with any queries.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Week 6 Homework/Swimming

Room 17 are swimming every Wednesday and Thursday at 9.40 until the end of term. So bring your swimming things on these days. You must have a swimming hat to swim.
News this week is sharing some facts about a different country. This does not have to be a Commonwealth country. It would be interesting to hear about a country that you or your family have come from. You could include where it is, the climate, the traditional food and culture such as music,dance or art.
Next week we are learning about myths and legends from different countries. If you have any stories that you would like to share with us bring them to class this week.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Weaving and news homework

This week we are learning more about New Zealand as a country and about some of its traditions.
Here is a website which will help you to create some Maori weaving.
You can use paper, wool,fabric or plants to create a weaving pattern to share with the class on Friday.
These sites are attached to the websites below.
Our news for the next week is to share something about New Zealand. This needs to be no more than 1-2 minutes and about one topic that you can give us some facts about. For example New Zealand rivers- what are they used for, where are some of them found.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weetbix Kid Commercial. See Emma's Brother

Week 3

This is a short week with Labour Day and Athletics Day on Thursday. The postponement day is Friday.
Homework is continuing with our Commonwealth Country studies, and weekly spelling words.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Term 4 Week 2

Some important dates for this term.(A calendar came home on Friday, if you didn't get one they are available at the office)
Next Monday 25 Oct Labour Day School closed
Next Tuesday 26 Oct School closes at 12.30 for a Teacher Union meeting
Next Thursday 28 Oct Athletics Sports for 7-10year olds
Pet Day 26 Nov 1.30-3pm
SUN HATS must be WORN this term. Please make sure you have one to keep at school. Check you still have your sunblock in your desk too.

This term we are learning about countries in the Commonwealth.

Each week for homework you will do a mini-report.

· Choose a Commonwealth Country.

· Write its name on a new page in your

homework book.

· Draw its flag in your homework books.

· Find out and write 3 interesting facts about

· the country, in your own words.

· Use different layout, lettering and design

each week.

Colour in and label the country on the world map.

There will be weekly spelling words and nightly reading.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to Term 4

Hope everyone had a nice holiday.
This week we have crosscountry on Wednesday at 1.30pm. This is being held on the school field.
Thursday is Iron Brion just before lunch. We will be learning about the importance of healthy eating and why our bodies need iron. We all get to eat a burger.
We are learning about algebra in maths. On Friday we are sharing patterns in our homes.
This term our topic is about N.Z and other countries in the Commonwealth. We will be learning about traditional foods, clothes and celebrations.
The other big event this term is our Outdoor Education Week, 6th-10th December.
There will be more information about this later in the term.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


That was fun! The build up to this performance included experiences that each of the Year 3 teachers gave. 
I taught the students some elements of drama, Mrs Excell made art with rubbish, 
Mrs Crochrane shared with the children her trip to Egypt and taught the children how to write their name in hieroglyphics, 
Mrs Kruijer taught the children to play the ukulele and 
Mrs Metcalf helped Miss Sherra. 
So as you can see it was a team effort and the children learnt many different skills. What the teachers enjoyed the most was working with and getting to know the children from different classrooms. The children enjoyed mixing with different groups of children from each classroom.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Christchurch Earthquake

Room 17 have been discussing the Christchurch Earthquake.
We have looked at the problems and some of the solutions to these problems.
A wiki site has been set up to view about the earthquake.
You can add questions too.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 8

This week we have 3 way conferences on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Room 17 have been looking and discussing our Key Competency's and our own goals. We will explain and discuss these with parents during our conferences.
We are also taking Assembly this week, so this will be our weeks focus. If you would like to see our Assembly it will be 2.20pm on Friday.
News this week will be our own shared news. Next week (Week 9)we will share an instrument you already play or have made from reusable materials.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Week 6

Tuesday is our last day ice skating. Thank you very much to all those parents that have helped both with the skating and Snow Farm Trip. We have had a lot of fun and the snow experience was wonderful.
This week for homework you have a maths sheet and spelling words both to be completed by Friday.
Your news is to create a creature from reusable materials and then bring it to share with class.If you can't finish it this week you can share it next week instead.
We may use these in our Assembly Item which is Friday 10th September.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Second Ice Skating lesson

Today we learnt how to dance the Cha Cha, skate the duck with our knees bent and slide stops. Some of us can now do the Giraffe glide and the 2feet jump. Can you tell which one we are doing in the photos?

Week 5 Homework

We have a very busy week with ice skating and our Snow Farm Day on Thursday.
Homework this week is to name and describe a superhero. Be ready share your superhero on Friday. If you have a picture or drawing this will help you share your ideas.

On Thursday you need to be at school by 7.55am with your clothing and plenty of food and drink for our big day. We will be back at school by 5pm.