The Room 17 bunch.

The Room 17 bunch.
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Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 8

This weeks news is sharing a favourite poem. We are trying to say a poem with a clear interesting voice. Some parts of the poem may be loud some soft, some parts may need a high voice and some a low voice.You could also use actions.
Also for homework is spelling words and sentences and a basic facts sheet.
We are spending the next 2 weeks learning about the water cycle and how it affects our environment.
Simon from Wanaka Wastebusters will be visiting on Thursday  to share some water experiments with us.

Next week for news is about moving through water - tell us about one way (boat, hovercraft, wakeboard, etc) that we  move through water.
This Friday at 1.30pm is a House Partcipation Afternoon and will finish by 3pm.
Don't forget the school Fair is this Saturday so bring in any used books, clothes or toys for us to sell.

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